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“After three years of being passed from pillar to post in the NHS I decided to reach out to Bilal.

Having never met him before I was a little apprehensive that, like all the other medical professionals, I would be palmed off again. Bilal, however, really listened and understood the situation I was in. He put my mind at rest straight away and I instantly felt comfortable with him.

With his background in Neuro Physio Bilal understood there was more than just pain I was suffering with. He was the first person in three years that looked at the full picture and not just a small percentage. He is very knowledgeable and generally cares about his clients.

I have only had one session so far but already feel I have progressed more than ever before. It felt like Bilal had all the time in the world for me and knowing I could contact him outside of a booked session if I needed to made me feel valued.

I look forward to further sessions with Bilal and towards a more positive future with the advice and exercises I have been given.”


“I have had to seek the services of a Physiotherapist many times during my life due to injury of some description. 

Usually this entails a form of therapy using what I always thought was the standard approach of exercises. My recent experience with Bilal, however, has shown me that there is a better approach. Looking at the underlying function of the body and blending “traditional” methods with an holistic root cause view. 

Bilal, showed me how to encourage my body to retrain itself and progressively push the boundaries of what it thinks it can and cannot do.  He always explains what he is doing and how it all fits together, so even someone such as me can understand and embrace the programme. This approach has given me a fresh view of how to address injuries and overall fitness. 

Best experience I have ever had. I whole heartedly recommend him.

Thank you Bilal.”

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