Bilal Sheikh

Bilal Sheikh

Bilal Sheikh is co-owner and director of Creative Physiotherapy ltd. He has a long history of leading rehabilitation teams in headway accredited inpatient neuro rehab and several service development projects including:

  • CQC initial registration of a service in the Northeast
  • Pilot Scheme to extend spinal cord injury rehab from the Midlands Centre for Spinal Cord Injury in Oswestry into Birmingham
  • Development of competency and learning guidelines for physiotherapy staff working in neuro rehab.

Bilal is an advanced practice physiotherapist with an interest in helping people return to recreational sports activities after brain injury, aquatic physiotherapy, use of technology in rehabilitation as well as planning the rehabilitation or long term care plans for people with profound and complex needs.

He also enjoys developing health care staff and professionals skills working in neuro rehab and offers training days including:

  • an introduction to spinal cord injury
  • introduction to acquired brain injury 
  • Moving and handling of people with neurological injuries
  • Postural management for carers and staff new to neuro rehab

Fun Facts About Bilal

  • Once ate a kilogram of chocolate a day for five days … as an adult over 30.
  • Loves fixing/modifying and servicing bicycles and have been doing so since he was 14.
  • Loves playing driving games. He thinks they’re good for your cognition and hand-eye coordination.
  • Studied mechanical engineering and material science at university before becoming a physiotherapist (to help him become a bigger formula 1 nerd).

“I am so happy to have joined like minded people in creating this business. I believe in creating an environment of learning and kindness while being approachable and relatable. Our colleagues help us deliver the best possible therapy for the people we support”

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