Community Balance and Mobility Scale

Community Balance and Mobility Scale

The Community Balance and Mobility Scale (CB&M) is used to assess the balance and mobility of individuals with acquired brain injury, stroke, or Cerebral Palsy.

This test reflects the balance required for full participation in the community.

When to use the CB&M Scale

Knowing when to use a tool due to time and space constraints can be difficult. At Creative Physiotherapy we use the following steps to decide if the CB&M scale is right for our patients …

1) Screen with Tinetti to help identify static and dynamic balance issues.

2) If an impairment is identified with Tinetti, use Berg to further quantify and guide decisions around fall risks.

3) Assess using the CB&M scale if any of the below apply.


    • Berg ceiling is reached
    • No suspected impairment with TinettiΒ 
    • Planning community integration

Compare patients’ scores against the expected score of non-injured individuals in their age range.

The Community Balance and Mobility Scale

The CB&M scale is completed on an 8 metre track and full flight of stairs. Give verbal instructions and physical demonstrations of the tasks.

Patients should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. All tasks should be completed without aides, with the exception of task 12.

There are a total of 13 tasks, 6 of which have 2 sections.

Scores are quantified on a scale of 0 to 5. If the task was not completed independently, a score of 0 is given. If the task was completed to the highest standard, a score of 5 is given.

All scores are combined to give a final score out of 96. This score is then compared against the expected score of an uninjured person in their age range.

Other equipment needed:

  • Stopwatch
  • Box or laundry basket of approximately 20 inch2
  • 2lb and 7lb weights
  • Visual target (20cm paper circle with 5cm inner circle)
  • Bean bag

Tasks and Scoring

For instructions on the 13 tasks click here.

Below are the average CB&M scores for uninjured individuals.

Age Range Average Score
20 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 - 79


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