Kirsty Keir

Kirsty Keir

Kirsty Keir is a Therapy Technician at Creative Physiotherapy Ltd and a member of The British Association of Sports Rehabilitators and Trainers.

She has worked in both clinical and sports settings, ranging from amateur Rugby to professional Ice Hockey. 

Kirsty is an approachable person. She is friendly, easy to talk to, and always happy to help. She has a real passion for helping others return to activities they love and believes that sharing knowledge is the key to successful rehabilitation.

A closeup of a girl smiling. She has dark brown hair and is wearing a green t shirt.

Fun Facts About Kirsty

She …

  • Can touch her nose with her tongue 
  • Enjoys long walks, especially if there’s a coffee shop en-route. 
  • Loves Disney films. In the words of Mary Poppins “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

“Going above and beyond to provide education, treatment and rehabilitation is close to my heart. I am delighted to be working at Creative Physiotherapy, knowing my colleagues believe in providing the very best for the people we support.”

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