Morgan Devlin

Morgan Devlin

Morgan Devlin is a Senior Physiotherapist at Creative Physiotherapy Ltd. 

Morgan has 2 years experience working at a neurological rehabilitation centre. She enjoys neuro physiotherapy as she is able to help people progress over a period of time. She loves to build rapport with clients and work towards an understanding of what their goals mean to them. 

Morgan also has a passion for pelvic health physiotherapy which she works in alongside her part time role at Creative Physiotherapy Ltd. 

She is passionate about helping people progress with their personal goals. She helping clients to see the small changes they have made towards their bigger goal.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt. 

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Fun Facts About Morgan

  • Loves all sports & physical activity, specifically dancing, gymnastics and going to the gym. She was a black belt by the age of 9. 
  • Loves to try new things and doesn’t like to say no (in most circumstances!) 
  • Very sociable and loves visiting friends and family across the UK. She loves to attend music events with friends.
  • Believes that there is nothing more important than living fully in the present moment. 

“I am really excited to work with the enthusiastic team at Creative Physiotherapy. I believe in delivering patient-centred care and supporting people to achieve greater independence. I look forward to progressing my career with support from greatly knowledgable colleagues.”

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